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Lab Test Results

Country Save is proud to show you the results of a test performed by Sterling Laboratories, of Sylvania, OH, an independent lab. Experience tells us the accumulated build-up of undissolved solids in your clothing is responsible for many skin irritations and the accelerated wear that many types of clothes demonstrate after months of washing. You may draw your own conclusions from the test results below. Country Save Powdered Laundry Detergent has been formulated to leave virtually no un-dissolved solids in your clothing.


PROJECT: Solubility Swatches /CS-00089. 5 swatches total are shown.

TEST: To show un-dissolved solids in each of five different
powdered detergent products when mixed with water per manufacturer's
specifications for a full load of laundry. Each sample was then
processed through Japanese Black Cotton to catch solid materials.
Country Save Sample
Country Save
90F, 130ppm, 100 R.P.M.
Ecover Sample
90F, 130ppm, 100 R.P.M.
Bi-O-Kleen Sample
90F, 130ppm, 100 R.P.M.
Seventh Generation Sample
Seventh Generation
90F, 130ppm, 100 R.P.M.
Tide Sample
90F, 130ppm, 100 R.P.M.

Country Save wishes to make the following points clear:

  1. We paid for the INDEPENDENT lab test above but had absolutely no influence on the test methodology or results,
  2. This test represents the results when following the manufacturer's directions printed on the retail box,
  3. All testing was done during the month of May, 2000,
  4. All test samples were sent to the lab in unopened boxes immediately after retail purchase.

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