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Country Save Liquid Laundry Detergent

Country Save Liquid Laundry DetergentThis product, simply put, is a great product that gets the job done! Wow!!! It works, it's priced right and it has a Mild Scent. When you take the top off you can smell a touch of outdoors... kind of like the smell of freshly cut lawn but not too strong. After being the nay-sayers of scent for so many years, it is actually kind of refreshing to have a product in the house that people have been asking about for years!

We have used this product extensively this year and we feel very comfortable in saying that you will really get 50 washes out of each 100 oz package. You just fill the cap 1/2 full and you'll be just fine. You get a great wash in hard water, soft water, cold water, warm water or any combination thereof.

Compare the Cost Per Wash with any of the major grocery brands. Virtually all of the major brands in grocery get 33 washes per 100 oz. Country Save Liquid Laundry gets 50 washes per 100 oz.

We hope you enjoy it and ask your retailer for Country Save if you don't see the blue label with the clothesline on the front!

REMEMBER: Country Save Liquid Laundry Detergent is NOT an HE specified detergent. Our Liquid Detergent makes bubbles and foam in some quantity (because you asked for it) and therefore is NOT a product that you would use in your HE washing machine!

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