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Chemical Sensitivity

Chemical SensitivityWe want to bring this point up because we get so many emails from so many people either thanking us for making such a great product or asking us for samples because they are afraid of the reaction they might if they have not tried us. We like to be as truthful and honest as it is possible to be at all times, regardless of the end result. So let's start with this point: We have stated in our website that our laundry detergent is scent free, and we believe it is by any normal standard. To set the record straight, a severely chemically sensitive person might disagree with us in a very dramatic way because they simply can smell things we can't or feel things on their skin that we can't feel... .and that is just the way it is.

For most people who are moderately chemically sensitive, Country Save Powdered Detergent is a wonderful product that really works in these instances. When the unscented laundry detergent is dissolved in the washing water first as directed on the box, and then water is added as clothes are added to the machine, the washing process and the rinsing process do the complete job and do not leave residue in the clothes that almost all other detergents leave even after multiple rinses. So while we do not claim to be hypoallergenic and that no users will have an allergic reaction to our laundry detergent, many users find it a safe detergent for sensitive skin.

Over the years we have been credited for solving individual illness issues pertaining to psoriasis and other skin irritation issues... and we have always thanked the one giving the praise and simply reminded them that all we did was clean the clothes and leave nothing behind to irritate anything. That's it. So simple... yet so hard for other detergents to accomplish!

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