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When Country Save started in business back in 1977, we were the first phosphate-free "green" laundry detergent in the USA! Wow, was that a tough sell even back then! As time has progressed and our nation has become more environmentally aware, it is important to fully understand the personal importance of using products that don't upset your own environment that you personally live in. Country Save Powdered Laundry Detergent and our Country Save Oxygen Powered Bleach start by being entirely scent free. You just can't smell it... and that is good for all sorts of reasons! It doesn't have residue that is designed to stay in your clothes so you don't have to wear it... and that is good for a million different reasons! One of those millions reasons is also that you don't need fabric softener most of the time because there is no detergent left in your clothes to "soften"... the fabric just stays soft when there is no detergent left in it.

As a company, Country Save is proud to have earned the recognition of the EPA "Design for the Environment" program and we proudly put this logo on all of our powder products! We use effective, eco friendly and safe ingredients that are biodegradable... look for this seal on other detergents... you won't find it very often on any of the "big" brands that make the "big wash load" promises and deliver much less... they cost more in SO many ways!

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