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  • You're the only thing that gets smells out. Thank you for making a superior product.
  • Do you partner with cloth diaper makers? I swear by your detergent for hard water.
  • ....we wouldn't use any other detergent!!
  • I love this soap for my babies cloth diapers and my husband likes it so much he says we should use it full time for all of our laundry.
  • We love Country Save! We cloth diaper and your product has been a lifesaver! 10 months without a single diaper issue or rash.
  • LOVE this detergent is it great on my babies skin.
  • Country save is some of the best detergent around!
  • Love Country Save and use it for my cloth diapers and laundry!
  • Country Save is the only detergent we use in our house, and it's the number one detergent I recommend to all my customers!!!
  • I tried your detergent and I'm hooked!! Best stuff i have ever used on my cloth diapers.
  • Love your soap! Switched from Tide and never going back! Thank you for making my diaper laundry so much fresher! I appreciate it.
  • Country Save is the ONLY detergent I trust. We've tried other cloth diaper detergents in the past (even non cloth diaper ones) and they've all irritated my son's skin. Country Save is the only detergent that I not only use for my son's cloth diapers but for our clothes too! I recommend it to everyone I know!
  • Country Save detergeant is all i use anymore! LOVE LOVE LOVE your product.


I wanted to write today and let you know how happy I've been with your Country Save laundry products. I switched over to eco friendly cleaning products several years ago. After trying several brands of eco laundry products I came across Country Save at my local grocer. I tried the laundry detergent and realized immediately what a great cleaner it is and you only use such a small amount! I loved it so I decided to try your bleach alternative too. I wash my whites last and allow them to soak in the solution overnight and then finish the cycle in the morning. I've never seen my whites brighter!

The other thing I love about your product is that there are no unnatrual scents or perfumes. In my home we suffer from allergies and since using Country Save we've not had any problems with our laundry inducing allergic reactions.

Thank you so much for creating a line of reliable cleaning products that are friendly to the environment and affordable as well.

Sincerely, Christi S.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I bet you thought you would never hear from me again but here I am with two more success stories.

Me and my husband were out socially and someone spilled a glass of red wine on a white heavy cotton polo shirt. When we got home I soaked it in our utility sink over night with my Country Save Detergent and the next morning it was totally gone and the shirt looked better than it had ever looked.

A week later my husband went fishing and was wearing a pair of his favorite jeans. Again, I soaked them in my Country Save Detergent and the next morning they were as good as new.

Thanks again for making a great product!

Linda L, Chesterfield, MO

Hi, Kris

I just wanted to let you know I heard from my son in Afghanistan and he LOVES the Country Save detergent!! He told me it was great and will let me know when he needs more. He is also sharing with his buddies so you may get more orders from his squadron.

Thank you so much for helping me and all the work your business is doing for our soldiers!!

Tina M, New York

Hi, Kris

My name is Elaine and I placed an order with Country Save last week. I work at a firm that purchases your Country Save Powdered Detergent and is so pleased with your product for the work place. My clinic manager allowed me to take some detergent home to see if it would help with my grandaughters' eczema. She will be 2 in November. The first night after washing her P.J.'s in Country Save she slept through the night. She had never done that before. Every night after has been the same. Her skin is clearing. That is the reason I have ordered it for my home. Thank-you again for such a quality product.

ET in Michigan


After searching for an environmentally friendly, effective laundry detergent for about a year and poring over reviews and product websites, I kept coming back to Country Save. I thought about it (and kept re-reading your website) for several more months before finally making the purchase of your HE laundry powder and Non-chlorine bleach.

I eagerly anticipated the big switch. I was happy with Country Save, but honestly couldn't convince myself it seemed much better than what I had been using UNTIL... it dawned on me that perhaps I needed to adjust the amount of product I was using to accommodate my machine and water-type. VOILA! I only need 1 1/2 TBLS per large load.

What a difference in my laundry!! Even my family noticed. The clothes are cleaner, and they look and feel it! Within the first month my 18 yr old son noticed his socks are brighter and my 13 yr old son has noticed how soft his shirts are, "The laundry's always good, Mom, but you're doing something different, I think - and I like it". After helping me hang clothes one night, my husband commented, "Are you using something new in the laundry?" When asked why he asked, he replied, "I don't know, I've just kind of noticed my shirts seem a little different and when I put my jeans on today they seemed...lighter or softer or something - nicer". I'm loving it!

I ordered Country Save in bulk and I'm estimating I have about a year's supply (or more) of detergent and bleach. I don't ever want to run out! THANK YOU for making an affordable TOP quality product that can be used with pride and confidence.

Sincerely, Kay S, Little Rock, AR

Hi Kris!

I just wanted to say thank you AGAIN for the awesome customer service! This last order, I waited until I was almost out of detergent before I ordered. Needless to say, your fast shipping saved the day--used my last scoop right before I went to the post office...and the nice note you stuck in was great too!

When we moved to Korea back in July, I had no idea what to expect at our commissary here. I had started using Country Save while we were still back in the states and just assumed it would be available at this commissary. I inquired with the manager and the request was forwarded up the chain. Unfortunately, we won't have it at our store here. I would be much more upset if it weren't for the awesome service you all provide. I started to cloth diaper my littlest one back in the Spring and have used Country Save since then. When we got here the lack of choices at the commissary, resulted in a big diaper rash in the baby and some skin irritation in my 3 year old. I tried 3 different types of detergent and that's when I got online to see what I could do to get Country Save delivered here. It is the ONLY laundry detergent I will use and while I love dealing with you, I can't wait to get back to the states to (hopefully!) a commissary that has it on it's normal inventory! My mom is actually the one who recommended Country Save originally based on a book she had read, so our whole extended family LOVES it! My family thanks you for your support while we are overseas, and my baby's cloth diapered bum thanks you for a whole other reason! I have recommended Country Save to all my cloth diapering friends here and other places all over the world!

Thanks so much, Brooke

Having met with Kris several months ago and having been a long time user of Country Save on both our cloth diaper and regular laundry, I was pleased when asked to become Country Save's Cloth Diaper Expert! I am Tara, SAHM to Ashwin, our little boy born April of 2006 and wife to Bill. Originally from Canada, we are dual citizens living just south of Seattle, WA and are loving it in the Pacific Northwest.

I started One Bum at a Time! for several reasons, the main reason being environmental; cloth diapers are the second biggest contributor to solid waste in the landfills (US alone manufactures 18 billion disposable diapers per year!). In addition, disposable diapers increase our dependence on foreign oil by requiring in their manufacture vast amounts of petroleum, which is also a non-renewable resource. Disposable diapers also contain dioxin, xylene and ethylbenzene (suspected endocrine, neuro and respiratory toxins), styrene (a suspected carcinogen and respiratory toxin) and ispropylene (a suspected neurotoxin). Other factors are health-related; there are some studies that disposable diapers are contributing to reproductive issues, asthma and chronic infections such as yeast infections and severe diaper rash.



When we got married 18 years ago, my husband insisted on using Tide. It does clean very well, but left me and the subsequent kids in agony from contact dermatitis (docs refused to call it an allergy).

I tried substituting various other detergents. Some he did not notice - the others he complained about.

With your Country Save detergent, he noticed in a positive way (1st time ever) and said - great cleaning job - even better than Tide. The kids and I are happy because we no longer scratch and itch where clothes come into contact with us.

Do you have other cleaning products? If so, can you also supply the UPC code so that I can look for them and if they are not on the shelf request that the Commissary I shop at carry them?

Thanks again, Karen O, wife, mother and Commissary customer

Many thanks for your call. There are a several reasons I can't switch laundry detergents... and your customer service tops that list. It's rare to find a company that not only makes such a great product but also treats its customers so well. Thanks for doing what you do.. and for helping me keep my family in clean clothes!

Hilary J, SLC, UT

Thank you so much for putting out such a wonderful product! I started out using Country Save Laundry Detergent for my son's cloth diapers (It was suggested on the website for Green Mountain Diapers, and I am glad I followed their advice!)The detergent gets my sons diapers clean with no icky residue and keeps them naturally soft without the use of any other products! We buy Country Save at our commisary on Davis Monthan Airforce Base. I now use it not only on the diapers but on my husbands uniform, (no optical brighteners makes his uniform better too!)and the rest of the household laundry. It feels good to use a product that is so effective and economical while also environmentally friendly! Thank you! Thank You! (PS Thank you Kris for being SO VERY helpful on the phone when I called looking for where to buy your detergent while I am staying in Ohio!)

Melissa W, Tucson, AZ

Hi Kris,

I am getting ready to place another order through the DeCA store. I wanted to tell you how much I love the detergent. I am so glad that I stumbled across your website for the DeCA store. I had been trying to locate your products online for quite some time but could never find an online store that sold your products. My husband's ACU's have never been so clean or smelled so fresh.

Thank you again, Sarah A.

Dear Kris:

Hi, I am a very happy customer. I use your detergent for my cloth diapers and it is the best detergent ever!

Country Save is one of the most recommended detergents on almost every cloth diapering website. It's an awesome product. Thanks for your time and quick response!

Aleka, HI

Dear Kris:

Thank you again for the location of your product in Edmonton. Our old washer died, after 20 years of service. We decided to purchase a high effeciency top-loader washer. Given my difficulty with laundry detergents we tried a HE detergent before making the big purchase. Unfortunately, after a month I had developed contact dermatitis, vs the usual immediate reaction. I went on line and found a diaper web site that gave a breakdown on HE detergents and County Save had the highest rating. I have used your product successfully! I have clean clothes and my skin is healthy. It is difficult as a massage therapist to work with contact dematitis. Please feel free to use this e-mail, as a testimonial. Thank you.

Debora L, Registered Massage Therapist

LOVE Your Detergent! : We have struggled for the better part of a year to find a decent detergent to wash our clothes in as well as our son's cloth diapers. Nothing really seemed to work and for awhile we were using two different detergents - one for clothes and one for diapers!

We've tried several different "natural" ones and had many struggles. One company's solution to less than stellar diaper cleaning was to add bleach to the rinse cycle!! Now when I wash our clothes/diapers with Country Save they smell clean - not like a perfume or anything, just clean! Thanks!!

Jenny R

Kris - Great information on I have been telling my friends about it--especially since there's a coupon and everything on there!!

I have just been so excited to use Country Save. My son wears cloth diapers and it has been quite a chore trying to find a detergent without optical brighteners. They are particularly bad for diapers since it coats them and in turn affects their absorbency.

I bought a front load washing machine this fall. For front loaders, it was almost impossible to find a good detergent without optical brighteners. I tried Charlie's Soap for a while, but it left our clothes and the cloth diapers scratchy. It even left some sort of residue on our clothes that would occasionally leave burn marks on them in the dryer!! The detergent bag specifically says, "...leaves no residue that can make your clothes stiff and irritating" but it did all the same. Maybe it was our hard water?

The bag of detergent was about $12, I think, for 80 washes. After using it for a few months, I was so discouraged. I quit using it but couldn't figure out what to use!

I was so happy to have been recommended to Country Save by some other moms who cloth diaper their kids. Kris, you were amazing to answer my questions and respond via e-mail very quickly!

I was so glad to find a detergent that didn't have optical brighteners. My husband (active duty Air Force) appreciates that I'm not coating his uniforms in those brighteners either.

Just to put the icing on the cake, you even knew the area where I lived and told me where to buy your product AND where to get the best price on it. As a matter of fact, here's what you said, "We'd LOVE to have you as a customer but we want you to get the best deal also!" If that's not the epitome of customer service, I don't know what is! :)

Thanks a million! I'm so glad to have found this...and for a great price, too.

Susan B, Pearl Harbor, HI

Hi Kris,

I am almost out of the (packets). Your detergent works great! I went to my local health food store last week and guess what they have started selling? So, I was able to purchase a box here in Valdosta, GA! After I move to Columbia, I will be sure to pick some up at Ft. Jackson.

Thanks again! Andrea

Hi Kris,

Thank you for responding so quickly. I have tried your laundry soap at a friend's house recently, and I love it! I have to be very careful of what I use to wash my laundry in because I am allergic to most brands. I will tell you the truth though, I was a little skeptic before I tried yours, I thought that even though it said basically that there was no way that anyone could be allergic to this one I thought that I might be. Most brands that say that it's impossible to be allergic to, I tried and guess what...I was. I have very sensitive skin and of course, it's very picky about everything from laundry soap to the type of hand soap to use.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to go find your laundry detergent. You have been very helpful.

Holly, Quebec, CA

I got my order yesterday. That was really fast shipping. Thanks!

I also want to thank you for offering such a great product line. It is so hard these days to find products that reflect my values while also getting the job done. Your detergent is developing quite a following among the cloth diapering community. I have given out the info for the "secret" store to many cloth diapering moms in the past 2 weeks. It is extremely hard to find a detergent free of dyes, perfumes, enzymes, etc. that can be used in HE machines. I am very selective about the products I use around my child. Thank you for making it easier to choose.

Best, Jessica B, One satisfied customer :)

I have been cloth diapering our son since his birth 11 months ago and have used several different types of laundry detergent, however I got residue on my diapers from them all until I discovered Country Save! It is by far the best laundry detergent on the market and will not add any chemicals (meaning, no irritation to baby or us!) We recommend it to everyone who visits our website and would love to become a distributor one day! Thank you Country Save!

Tara G

Dear Kris,

Thank you so much for the Country Save powdered laundry detergent. I had no idea how much I'd love it. I'm very serious about using products that don't destroy the environment, but as a mother of two (often messy) children, I will only use products that work as well. So it was such a pleasant surprise to find that the detergent worked beautifully, made my clothes smell so nice AND is environmentally sound. Thanks so much for being one of the companies out there today who's part of the solution.

Best, Liz C, CNBC

Dear Country Save,

I am a first-time user of your dish detergent and was so impressed with it that I wanted to let you know. So, I decided to visit your website. Wow! Who knew? Anyway, back to the kudos. I have been making my way through the multitude of dish detergents on the market, including all the name brands one would find in most stores, including the natural food stores. I came across your product in a Thriftway, liked the price and bought it. My, my, what a pleasant surprise. I am VERY impressed with how it removes the grease from EVERYTHING, and I did not have to use gallons of it for it to do so. I love the way my dishes feel squeaky clean. Amazing. You may consider me a convert for life and I will now be looking for your other products as well. Keep up the good work.

Jean, Aloha, OR

Dear Country Save,

I AM SOLD ON YOUR NON-CHLORINE BLEACH!!! I saved my favorite sweatshirt and pants from certain ruin after splashing fresh blackberry juice all over them!

I was making blackberry jam in my kitchen and had just cooked up a huge batch of blackberries and had put them in cheesecloth to drain. I always hang the cheesecloth from the same place and let the juice drain into a bowl beneath. This particular batch had just about drained completely and I was getting ready to empty the cheesecloth when the string broke and the whole thing fell into the fresh blackberry juice and splashed all over my sweats, the kitchen counter, my floor and anything else within 3 feet! I looked down and my sweatshirt was literally covered in blackberry juice and I could have just screamed! I thought it was over!

After cleaning all of the hard surfaces (I use your All Purpose Cleaner in the worked great ... but I expected that so it wasn't a surprise enough to write about) I went into the laundry room, ran some warm water in the laundry sink and threw both top & bottom sweats into the water and threw in a scoop of your non-chlorine bleach and left it for the morning ...

IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! I picked up the sweatshirt to look at the stains and they were gone! I did the same with the pants and the blackberry stains were gone! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

By the way ... I used to buy that expensive Oxi-Clean product and will never spend the money again. Your Country Save bleach is fantastic and a great price. You might think about changing the name though ... I'll bet a lot of people don't understand what your product can really do! Anyway, that's it for now and I love that you are a company from Washington!

Sylvia G, Kirkland, WA


Hello, I am the "reluctant to try powder" person who contacted you about HE machine usage about three weeks ago. I purchased five pounds of powder and two boxes of non-chlorine bleach after much patient e-mail correspondence on your part.


Your powder product is superb. It gets out the most ground in dirt and grease. The powder even gets out pond scum, nasty, stinky, fish and frog poop stick to you green pond scum!

Yep, I tested it for pond scum. My husband and I got a broken down Koi pond with our new house. With spring, we have been rebuilding the actual pond. Within the pond have been the Koi all winter. Since October there has been no pump, no circulation, just a winter's accumulation of pond scum. So my husband and I have spent the past two weekends rebuilding it. (By the way, it is lovely and quite peaceful now. The remaining fish and frogs and whatever seem quite healthy.)

We wore old clothes and old towels during the reconstruction because, frankly, I thought we would have to throw everything out. (Nasty, we are talking true POND SCUM here!). Then, I thought, heck, why not give this new detergent a real test. So I washed a load with your bleach, figuring I could run a vinegar rinse for odor control in the washing machine after testing your detergent. The clothes and towels came out perfectly clean. No stains, no lingering pond scum odor; I was flabbergasted. So this weekend I did the same without the bleach, thinking that I would have an aha! moment about the detergent. Well, as sure as heck got my moment! A moment of jaw dropping astonishment that the nastified items were once again coming out of the washing machine clean to see and smell. Amazing.

Now I would like to send packages to a select group of my lady friends. I want to spread the word. Please be aware that I am a woman in her fifties, who actually did her first load of laundry with a wringer washer and didn't have a dryer until 1968 (raised in central California so we had sunshine). I have resided all over the world. I am convinced that this is the best laundry detergent on the market.

Please let me know how I can send a five pound package of the powder detergent and maybe the bleach too as a gift. I am interested in finding a final price. OK, I am also interested in obtaining a discount, if possible, if I purchase at least five gift packs.

Thanks for your help.


Cindy, VA

Thanks, Kris!

I've placed an order on the website this morning. Sorry to hear about the issues with Sun Harvest/Wild Oats; Country Save was the only thing I ever bought there. Next time I'm in the local Whole Foods I'll ask why they aren't carrying it yet.

I have a front-loader in both the house and the RV and Country Save cleans best of all the detergents I've tried, including the "big boys". The fact that it's so ecologically and skin-sensitivity friendly is an added bonus. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Michelle, Austin, TX

And while we know that some people use our products for a variety of uses, we like to share the thoughts of our customers (without endorsing ALL of the uses one way or the other!) We do THANK the Scruggs family for sharing all the ways Country Save Powdered Detergent works for them!.........

"I just love your laundry detergent. It only takes a tablespoon per washing level in my washer. I have used it for other applications around the house...for instance... you can put 1|2 teaspoon of the detergent in a gallon of water this solution will wash your car, clean your kitchen or your bathroom, and wash your floors. 1|4 teaspoon in each side of your dishwasher cup will clean your dishes."

Sincerely, P.H. Scruggs

Dear Kris - The things I really like about your laundry detergent are:

1. It's pretty much a pure detergent. Not a bunch of other additives. I have allergies, so don't use fragrances and dyes. But it doesn't have all the other glop that is in grocery store brands. Since I've been using Country Save, I never find detergent residues or undissolved detergent on my clothing when I take them out of the washer. It's very easy to get the clothes rinsed without excessive water.

When I used grocery store detergent, my grease trap would fill up rather quickly with this nasty foam that doesn't dissolve and go away. I would have to dig up the trap. The Country Save just rinses clean without leaving residue to clog my septic system.

2. It dissolves so easily, that I use it to wash all kinds of things. My basement sink is next to the washer, where the detergent is kept. It's easy to grap a little detergent and throw it in an ice chest or anything because it all dissolves and then rinses out.

I live on a farm and most of the laundry I wash is what the TV ads call "ground in dirt." Also very greasy clothing. It cleans everything well. I prespot grease. General grunge I presoak with Country Save non-chlorine bleach. It all comes clean.

3. I wash a lot of laundry. Even with the new "ultra" stuff, you have to continually carry home large boxes of detergent. Country Save is concentrated enough that you don't have to do that. I buy a case at a time, which lasts about 6 months. So I only have to lug it home twice a year!

Thank you for such a good product.

Sincerely, Julie F, Pontiac, IL

Dear Country Save,

I finally had a chance to try everything out and just want you to know that I LOVE everything! I know that you have heard it all before, but, I'm sure you don't get tired of hearing it. I worked my butt off on Sunday doing laundry (I don't have a whole lot of laundry to do since it is just my husband and myself) so I started stripping beds that were already clean just so I would have laundry to do. I actually took all my towels and wash cloths out of the linen closet and rewashed them. I will never use any other laundry product! I am hooked!

I am one of these people that stock up on everything so I have two big containers of liquid Tide, a powder Tide and two big containers of Cheer. I guess I'm going to have to give them to somebody, because I'm certainly not going to use them. Once you have had the best, you can't go back. I know a lot of people like scent free products, but I always look for things that smell good. I can't really explain your product - it's scent free but still has a smell all it's own. It just smells so clean. I also like the All Purpose Cleaner. I have ceramic tile in the kitchen and I got down on my hands and knees on Sunday and scrubbed my floor. At first, I wasn't sure if it was any better than any other cleaner that I used. When I was done I walked barefoot across the floor and it felt really nice, no tacky residue, it just felt smooth. I then used it fool strength on my appliances-nice job. The real test was my bathtub. I always have a yucky bathtub.

I use a lot of baby oil on my body and my tub shows it. I put it on a sponge and the greasy residue came off with no effort whatsoever. Left it sparkling clean. I usually use Soft Scrub and Lysol foam and scrub like crazy, then rinse for a long time. It will be a staple in my bathroom for sure. Anything to make my life easier. I also like the dishwashing liquid a lot, will repurchase. I'm curious though, why do you not have a automatic dishwasher cleaner? With everything else that you have, I think you should have that too. I also like sparkling, clean dishes. You should also make a window cleaner!

I was in the grocery store on Saturday in the cleaning aisle, and I saw this woman picking up Tide. She was a very neat woman that looked like she would be picky about her laundry. I am usually not so outspoken, but I walked up to her and told her that I used Tide for years and that I had found a new product. She was all ears and when I got done she was writing down your address and said that she would definitely check it out. I think she will too as she seemed very interested in what I had to say. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising that there is.

All, another thing I did on Sunday, I washed my car with the cleaner. Did a very nice job. I used it full strength on my aluminum wheels, the dirt just slid off and I put it on my grill where all the bugs and grit is and left it set for a while and it came off pretty good. I told you that once I got my products that I would go like a whirl wind testing everything. I also don't use rubber gloves (can't stand them) and I must say that your products were very gentle on my hands.

Linda W, Baltimore, MD

For years I used Palmolive dishsoap because it kept my fingernails strong, never chapped my hands and was relatively gentle when I let it mingle with Mother Nature, ie: cleaning potted plants of dust, spilling leftover buckets into the backporch weeds, running out of shampoo and using it on my hair. It had an innocuous scent as well. Then came the EPA standards for the new millenium, and Palmolive changed the formula. It no longer kept its soapy cutting edge beyond 6-8 hours. The scent was very strong. My nails began to peel and were flimsy. I began shopping for alternate brands. For two bottles worth I used Planet, but was disappointed because it held suds for an even shorter time than the new Palmolive. Found you on the shelf in Sedro-Woolley at Thrifty Foods. No fanfare or advertising...just sitting there as an alternative in my quest. Don't change anything. Thank you, thank you, thank you...not strengthening my nails, though:-)That's okay.

Janet F, Bow, WA

Hi Kris,

I tried your Country Save boxed detergent on the advise of a friend and I'm sure glad I did. I love it!

My clothes are softer, cleaner and feel like new again. I notice a definite difference each time I put on a sock, t-shirt or use a face towel that's been cleaned with your product.

I would suggest you stop preaching on your website about Country Save being as good as Tide or the others because in fact, is it's MUCH BETTER .....and that's the real selling point in my opinion.

Congrats and thank you for making such a great product!

N. Wells, Alpharetta, GA

Dear Country Save,

I started using your laundry detergent around may of last year. I wanted to try a detergent that was not harmful to the environment, but would still "do the job". I purchased a large box thinking it was a bit pricey, but I do a lot of wash so I didn't want to go with a small box. On June 15 I purchased a front load washer. I was told that they use a bit less detergent and that I would have to experiment on the best amount to use for a load. This is the part you won't believe. The amount I use for a load is about a tablespoon. About a quarter of the little cup that is provided is perfect. The washer uses so little water that any more detergent is overkill. The really unbelievable part is that last Friday (March 23, 01) marked the date of my purchasing my second large box of Country Save. That would be the second best purchase I made. The first was trying your product almost a year ago!!

Thank you for making such a superior product!

Sincerely, Lynn R


Just wanted to tell you that Countrysave works fine-- Now we are using the correct amount in our Maytag Neptune and the colors and whites look GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your followup information, Great Product, Great Customer Service, Great Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim and Doug W

"I truly enjoy your product! Thank you for a super good product that works but is unscented! I use only unscented products and yours is the best! Thanks!"

Tyler P, East Wenatchee, WA

"Hi Kris, finally here are a few thoughts about your product. .... hope some of it is useful to you.

We have lived in the woods for fifteen years, and I haven't had "clean" clothes for fifteen years. Because of the mineral content of our water, our "whites" are not white, nor are our "brights" bright, and there seemed little I could do as we are so aware of the delicate balance of our geographical ecosystem, and would not consider adding bleach to the wash water. I met Kris at a Natural Products Show, he gave me a sample of Country Save Laundry Detergent, and I've used nothing else since. Not only do we have white and bright clothes again, but the added benefit of their fragrance-and-salt-free formulation has me feeling better in other ways as well.

I have fibromyalgia, and as part of this troublesome and often debilitating syndrome, I have a great deal of difficulty with any products containing synthetic fragrances, additives, extenders, etc. The mere whiff of the "detergent" aisle in the grocery store can send me into migraine-mode before I can get home. In addition, my skin has become sensitive to most lotions, shampoos, and laundry detergent and chlorine bleach. So, the discovery of Country Save has truly opened a new door toward helping me to maintain an "itch-free" environment for my skin!

I recommend Country Save to all my customers to whom I sell our O'Malley & Potter "Feel-Good" Products. (I need brochures -- I'm all out!)

Thank you for your products.

Best to you, Claudia O

"Yesterday morning we discovered that our pet newt (a tiny salamander) had disappeared from our aquarium. Our assumption was the cats got him. Several hours later I washed a load of towels in our automatic washer with Country Save Laundry Detergent. As I was unloading the last wet towel, out crawled our newt! He had found his way into the dirty towels and had withstood the entire washing process! Today he is still fine. We understand you do not test your products on animals and we wouldn't dream of doing it ourselves, but we inadvertently did. We thought you would want to know that we got clean towels along with a much cleaner newt!"

Janis B, Redwood City, CA

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