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We want to make sure that you, either our inquiring new user or loyal follower for years, are reminded that the instructions on the Country Save Powdered Detergent packages are meant to deliver the best results possible with our products. You REALLY will get 40, 80 or 160 loads as declared on the boxes if you follow directions and use the scoop that is provided in each box. Don't use more than that other than to pre-treat a spot if necessary. If you have a regular washer or an HE, our powdered detergent will work great in your machine! Just use the right amount as indicated!

When it comes to the Country Save Liquid Laundry Detergent, don't do a free pour without the cap. There is no good use in putting in too much! Use about a 1/2 cap and it will get the job done as expected... and it will have a little pleasant scent to it. Enjoy!

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